Annie & Jeff Main

The Last Crop

The Last Crop tells a personal tale of a family caught in the middle of a delicate interplay between urban and agricultural space in California’s Central Valley. Annie and Jeff Main own a 20-acre organic farm that serves the Sacramento/San Francisco communities. After 30 years of farming, they are finding it harder to remain viable in a rapidly changing highly competitive environment.

Living on the edge - Irrigation canal on road 29

Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge is a documentary about a man who is looking beyond the edges of conventional wisdom and farming practice to find solutions too many key issues facing contemporary agriculture. His vision to re-introduce indigenous vegetation and subsequently wildlife into zones traditionally forgotten by farmers, environmentalists, and urban planners, promises to permanently transform how we use the edges of our existence.

5 days in July - Newark Residents

5 Days in July

5 Days in July revisits the 1967 Newark Riots, an important cataclysmic moment in American history. This civil disturbance began when African American cab driver and musician John W. Smith was arrested, beaten and dragged into Fourth Precinct for a minor traffic infraction. This action triggered rebellion among the African American community that spread throughout Newark. To quell the unrest, government officials mobilized the New Jersey State Police and National Guard.

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