David A. Ranghelli

MrRanghelliMr. Ranghelli is a New York based filmmaker who has worked in the cinema arts for over a decade in various capacities on numerous dramatic, commercial, and documentary projects. In that time he has worked for David Grubin Productions, Bill Moyers – Public Affairs TV, HBO, PBS, NFL Films, and the National Geographic Channel to name a few. He has a BA in Humanities from St. Johns University (1991) and an MA in Journalism and Cinematography from New York University (2000). In May of 2000 he was awarded a Jesse Ball DuPont Fellowship in Community Development through Auburn University.

His documentary The Calling (Director/Producer/Cinematographer) captures individuals grappling with the emotional uncertainties that arise while pursuing a religious vocation. Academy-Award winner Barbra Kopple referred to it as, “A beautiful poetic spiritual meditation.” It has been screened at colleges and universities across the country, and is set for wide broadcast/festival release in early 2009.

David’s other documentary film credits include Cinematographer/Associate Producer on The Rural Studio. He was the Cinemtographer on A Hole in Chinatown’s Heart which aired on PBS and deals with the after-effects of 9-11 on New York’s Chinatown community; Josh Graves: King of the Dobro, a documentary short featuring the incredible story and musical talents of this legendary Bluegrass musician and Bad Cow Comin’ .