The Last Crop

“Sustainability is the big new catch phrase but what does that mean? Does it mean that we take care of our soil? Does it mean we take care of our water sources and our air? The true issue to me is sustaining farmers”

– Annie Main

The Last Crop tells a personal tale of a family caught in the middle of a delicate interplay between urban and agricultural space in California’s Central Valley. Annie and Jeff Main own a 20-acre organic farm that serves the Sacramento/San Francisco communities. After 30 years of farming, they are finding it harder to remain viable in a rapidly changing highly competitive environment. The film captures the intractable nature of sustaining a small family farm in contemporary California, the sacrifices farming families like the Mains must make to keep their dream alive, and the difficulties involved with passing the land to the next generation of farmer.

“If we have anything to do with it, our farm will be here for generations”. – Jeff Main

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